Styers-McDowell LLC will complete a prototype in mid September integrating cutting edge technology that will aid both residential and commercial consumers with their increasing needs for security, flexibility and innovation. Imagine the ability to monitor, view and activate the largest access point to your home or business from anywhere in the world. It will soon be a reality. The new patent pending technology will allow the consumer to operate their garage door(s), warehouse dock door(s) or gate(s) from an off-site location via cell phone, PDA and or computer. Outlined below are just a few of the basic functions and benefits of this new alert technology.

Basic Functions:
• Garage Alert will contact user if garage door is left open or is opened without user’s knowledge.
• Garage Alert can be accessed and actuated at anytime by the user to check door status and perform commands (open/close).
• Garage Alert identifies the user(s), records all functions, dates and times along with corresponding video clips of the commands.

All functions are carried out by the alert system contacting the user via cell phone, PDA and/or computer with the proprietary software developed by Styers-McDowell LLC.


• Gives the homeowner a sense of security in that the alert system will contact the user in the event the garage door was left open.
• User may contact the alert system at any time to check the status of the door from anywhere without bothering neighbors, relatives, etc.
• User may operate the door for service technicians, friends, family, etc. from an off-site location.
• User will have a documented record of all entries and exits from their residence.
• Parents of Latch-key kids are able to monitor and view their child’s safe entrance into the home.
• Gives user added security to the largest point of entry in their home (immediate alerts possible).

• Provides immediate alert to owners, property managers or warehouse managers of possible intrusion/theft.
• Historical recordings of all entries, exits and deliveries to the business.
• Ability to open doors for after hour deliveries without being present on-site.